Securing a Brighter Digital Future

Donald presenting at the ABBD software show several years ago in Florida.

This was a great event and lead us to Edward who now helps us with our publishing and newsletter distribution.

Here is an old Cray 150 data storage system we found in someones  garage cabinet.

These brough back some old memories as Matt used to sell these in New York  decades ago, click now to see the new products


We are a group of current and retired technology experts that meet to review industry trends and technology. Our goal is to help others in our community but providing insight and direction when it comes to software technology and it's relation to business ROI (Return On Investment).

From database packages to workflow and document scanning, our group has over 50 years of public and private sector experience to share with others. We meet every several months and share our findings from tradeshows and other sources.


What we seem to run across most of the time are solutions which have some fantastic features that any public department could use. The problem rears its head when a member of the board needs to learn about the solution from an individual that has tested the software in a real environment.

As you know, a demo is much more different that watching the software in action. In fact, when ever we get a chance to tour someones facility, we like to look over their shoulder and ask a few questions and get a perspective from the scanning operators themselves.

Recently, we had a board member researching the electronic document management basics that every business should know. She  found out that most corporate location are just getting into this technology, although it has been out for some time.

This raised several questions among the group, and we look forward to her research and presentation at our next meeting. This is an example of how we like to dig into technology. Someone from our board takes the initiative and we rotate the presenters at each software gathering we have.

We have been invited to speak on a few discussion panels, which affords us the change to share and learn from other industry experts. It's always great to meet up with those that share a passion for the fincinace industry. Now that we are in the age of automation, a comon conversation seems to be around  selecting a mortgage document imaging system at each speaking event we attend.

Trade shows offer a large opportunity to learn more about new solutions in a single space, but the events can be tiring for some of the older members in our group.